COVID 19 Actions



The Hyde Park Lane team wants to give you the most sincere welcome to our establishment as well as thank you for the trust placed in us to spend your days off or enjoy your vacation.

In order to give peace of mind to your stay, our establishment has adhered to the Safe Establishments Program being certified and audited in accordance with the requirements of said program to guarantee prevention, hygiene and safety against Covid-19 of all its clients and workers.

This comprehensive program is designed in accordance with the national and international norms, regulations, provisions and standards associated with the control and prevention of Covid-19 for these types of establishments.

For our hotel, the safety and well-being of our clients is the most important thing, therefore, we ask for your collaboration and commitment to comply with the following rules and measures that we have protocolized in order to prevent the risk of contagion due to the situation world that we are living as a consequence of sars COV2.


  • CHECK-IN: At the entrance of the establishment you will have disinfectant shoe mats and hydroalcoholic gel. In addition, the maximum capacity of the Reception will be indicated as well as the obligation to respect the safety distance.
  • It is mandatory to use hydroalcoholic gel and mask throughout the resort.
  • To speed up the check-in , you will be given a plastic envelope with all the information and the key to your apartment or villa, all of this previously disinfected.
  • Entrance to the establishment, villa or apartment is totally forbidden to those people who are not properly identified in the reservation.
  • Payment by card is recommended. The POS will be disinfected after each customer.
  • The safety distance of 1.5 m must be respected in all the facilities of the establishment and in those areas with the greatest influx such as Reception, Swimming Pool, Restaurant. To ensure compliance, our establishment has marked these areas with the correct distance.
  • Respect the direction of the arrows in access areas and corridors.
  • To avoid trips to reception if you need any information, or need to report a fault, please make use of the telephone by dialing the number 9 or if you wish send a WhatsApp 649 97 74 45 and we will assist you as soon as possible.
  • All the textile elements of the establishment (towels, sheets, …) are washed at more than 60 degrees.
  • The employees have received specific training to apply different security protocols.
  • CHECK – OUT: for reasons of safety and health provided when possible and upon request, you can stay in the apartment or villa until the time of departure.


  • All accesses to our establishment are provided with hydroalcoholic gel.
  • The cleaning frequency of all the hotel’s common areas, especially those with the highest traffic, has been intensified and increased.
  • In the cleaning of the apartments and villas, cleaning and disinfection measures will be applied reinforced with the use of virucidal products and with strict cleaning protocols.
  • Daily ventilation of common areas.
  • Among the hygiene and safety measures against Covid – 19, we have eliminated decorative items, installed pedal bins, a single- use courtesy cleaning kit, and extra controls and pillows will be sealed.
  • We recommend to the client the need to ventilate the room several times a day for 10 minutes.
  • All our staff receives continuous training to apply the established protocols and in constant review.

IMPORTANT: The client will never be present during the cleaning and disinfection of the room. The same requirement must be met for technical service personnel, if needed.


  • Capacity has been reduced in all the facilities of the establishment.
  • The pool hours are from 11am to 7pm.
  • In the hammock area, a specific protocol has been established for their handling and separation. In it you will find a green tab on the hammock, this means that it has been previously disinfected and that you can use it. As soon as you leave the pool, please turn the card to red so that the corresponding staff can proceed to disinfect it.
  • To use the pool you must shower before entering and there will be a limited capacity. The use of mats in the pool and jacuzzi is strictly prohibited.
  • Games / splash park , will have a limited capacity and the hours are from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm. A maximum continuous stay time of 1 hour is allowed for each child and under the supervision of an adult. Our splash is disinfected 6 times a day.
  • The use of the Gym will be made under reservation at the reception of the establishment, with a schedule from 08.00- 20.00. Its use is limited to 1 hour, with a capacity limited to one person, unless they are from the same group, which will allow a maximum of 2 people.
    The use of hydroalcoholic gel is mandatory at the time of access and the use of an individual towel.
  • The lifts are for the exclusive use of the disabled and may only be used by 1 person.
  • Capacity limited to one person in the toilets in the common areas of the establishment.
  • The use of changing rooms is prohibited.


We are at your disposal to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Thank you once again for counting on us.
The copying, dissemination and / or processing of this document is prohibited.