Villas Deluxe


Power On TV pressing POWER
Information channel number : APP, ALARM,
Change channels with a button
Change channel language pressing button TOOLS (audio language)
To return to the main screen press button HOME
Switch on the Vitroceramic by pressing the button
Select cooking zone
Increase or decrease the temperature + | -
Press and hold to lock
Insert the key into the back door, turn left and press the red button to restart
Place security code of 4 to 6 digits and press the letter A to record it. _ _ _ _ (code)
Close the door and put the code back and press the letter A , then turn the handle until the green light goes out.
Rinse then fill the water tank with fresh drinking water
Press the power button to activate the machine Wait for the power on is green
Open the lock handle remove the capsule holder and insert it inside the support Close the lock handle
Push the selector lever to the hot or cold position When finished pouring, move lever to stop position
Open the lock handle and remove used capsule. Rinse the support
Turn on Air Conditioning by pressing [1]
Choose temperature mode [2] [ Cold | Hot ]
Regulate temperature [3]
Fan adjustment [4]
Deactivate the alarm by entering the code
Activate the alarm by entering the code (15 sec. Exit time.)
1. Fill the bathtub with hot water, above the outlet of the water jets.
2. The water jets are activated with the pushbuttons located on the top, they can be mixed with air
3. When you have finished turning off the jacuzzi with the same buttons
4. Empty the jacuzzi by pulling the plug, turning the wheel that is located at the height of the drain